‘A man who can cook’ GOALS, ‘Get you a man who asks how your day was’ GOALS, ‘A man who breathes ’ GOALS. Unless you live on Mars (which good for you by the way because earth sucks) you will have undoubtedly come across some type of picture or video, usually of heterosexual couples doing some ‘couple’ shit and people shouting goals. I imagine they’re shouting because it’s usually a comment along the lines of ‘YASSSS GOALS’, that’s got be shouting right?

I hold my hands up. I was one of those people that didn’t quite get it. Why were ordinary couples getting praise for doing ordinary couple shit? Said praise usually coming from women. I definitely thought soon, simply having a man say hello to some would be ‘YASSS GOALS’. Whilst I didn’t actually deep down feel like that it felt like the sensible thing to agree with. Why are women enamoured with the ‘simple things’? I was with the crowd at that point, let’s not glorify things which should be common place if someone cares about you.

Upon reflection and by reflection I mean digesting what other people making sensible comments had to say regarding the above I get it, and in fact this is what I think I’ve been harping on for a few days. The struggle to negotiate ethical treatment from others is real. Let me put it bluntly, the struggle for women to negotiate ethical treatment from men is why everything is ‘YASSS GOALS’, of course it would be.

The emotional manipulation, constant bashing and constant struggle to find affection means that maybe, just maybe even the tiniest of gestures are now a big deal. ‘Find someone who actually likes you’ is the response I’ve seen many times in the war against ‘YASSS GOALS’. And whilst I agree that we are all at fault for many times choosing people who don’t choose us it does not negate the fact that the scales are tipped and not in women’s favour.

In 2017 a lot of women are used to being treated shitty, with contempt and disrespect and guess what still expected to power through. We don’t hold men accountable enough for their shitty behaviour towards women and then are surprised that women just want a fucking kiss on their foreheads on a winter’s day when life is doing the most or for someone to take off their necklace on a drunken night after the Grammy Awards (if you’re invited of course).

It’s a reflection on the current state of affairs that everything is fucking YASSS GOALS. The war shouldn’t be on the women relishing in the ‘simple’ things that men have to offer but on why we just can’t seem to fucking win when it comes to being treated like human beings worthy of affection.



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  1. Anonymous
    February 15, 2017 / 11:40 am

    Spot on.

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