Do you ever wake up and feel very adult?

You’re adulating so hard you’re on the verge of multiple adulting induced orgasms.

Your car is washed, tank is full, work clothes ironed, you’re on top of your work, nearly finished with your bullshit self- help book of the month, rent paid on time, savings account injected with that much needed life, salad inhaled, chocolate temptation avoided, haven’t texted your crazy ex in 4 weeks, just plain winning at life! High five me bitches LOL.

I figured a feel good post was definitely needed because sometimes we just need a bloody break. It’s nice to celebrate the little wins.

The peaks and troughs are a given, part of life, necessary but how delicious is it when you can bask in the peaks and high five yourself.

Last year about this time I had just returned from sunny Gambia and my S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder) had kicked in realllll bad. That, coupled with bad news in the family meant that I was in a hole so deep I couldn’t quite get out. Fast forward to today and I feel great, I feel better, I feel motivated.

I am acutely aware that the peaks and troughs occur about as frequently as I change my mind about what to each for lunch each day, but today I’m celebrating a random Thursday afternoon where I don’t feel like a loser and I feel accomplished because I made it work on time and I’ve planned my face mask pamper session ahead of time.

I’ve set ‘destination happiness’ to one side and it doesn’t matter that I’m struggling with total body confidence (aren’t we all), I’m unsure about the future of my career and my anxiety takes hold of me at random times during the day. Today I choose to celebrate.

The pressures of adulting are insane. If you brushed your teeth today, you’re winning in my eyes. If you couldn’t quite muster that, let’s try again soon~ Namaste


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