The most depressing day of the year!

Thanks to the perpetual fuck up that is transport for London and Southern rail I spent the morning running around London Victoria like a headless chicken in the rain until a stranger walked up to me and asked if I wanted to walk to the nearest open station- which ended being a bust because it was raining and everything was just pure chaos!
This lovely lady definitely took me by surprise because if you know anything about Londoners it’s that we’re not typically friendly on a Monday morning during rush hour when TFL have made it their mission to destroy our lives on what happens to be the most depressing day of the year! (no really it is, blue Monday, look it up)

Rant over.

We ended up splitting an uber and chatting away like old pals. I can talk, I can really talk and it was refreshing to meet someone who wanted to probe into a stranger’s life as much as I did. From whether or not she should ask her man crush on a date to her most expensive outfit purchase when she hit 30 it was a really quite the chinwag! A really random chinwag!

The gems I did take away from my morning uber date were that it’s better to keep a tight circle, don’t keep people in your life who don’t enhance it, if you want to ask someone on a date- just ask them and if you do visit Atlanta don’t spend your evenings indoors-duh

I’m going to brew myself the strongest cup of coffee in all the land, palpitations, do your worst! ~ Namaste


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