The Glow Ups and Glow Downs

I had a lovely weekend doing all the things I love, including hunting down new grub spots and of course reflecting. This weekend I reflected on the glow ups and the glow downs.

Your ‘glow up’ could be physical, it could be spiritual it could manifest itself in the way that you deal with pain or the way that you communicate. Through the peaks and troughs, I’ve come to appreciate my various glow ups.

The way that I deal with conflict has changed, the way that I receive difficult information has changed, the way that I think has changed and that in itself is a massive glow up.

Things may not look good on the outside. Your body glow up (whatever the hell that means) may be taking its sweet time, but maybe the way that you interact with others has dramatically improved. Angry balled up fists and tightness in your chest during arguments may have given way to calm thought out discussions. Your skin isn’t popping now but has your confidence soared as you’ve taken more responsibility at work for instance. Are your romantic relationships flourishing even though your wardrobe could do with a ten-year update?

I guess what I’m trying to say is you’re glowing up in ways that you may not even realise. Sometimes when things don’t go the way we want it to in one department everything else can seem just as bad and just as desperate when that’s simply not the case. It is tempting to wallow in the glow downs of life and incredibly hard to see the glow ups in other departments when the spirit just isn’t having it. It’s much easier to acknowledge your strengths when you’re not completely going through it so you can remember how far you’ve come when the self-doubt starts to creep in.

You’re glowing up in more ways than you know it. Trust me. Namaste~


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