Taking back the Power

I turned 28 this year and it was almost as if a light switch had gone off in my head. I suddenly felt more confident, sexier, braver and more powerful. I kept telling everyone I felt different, I felt good and powerful.

I don’t think I’ve ever really used the word powerful to describe myself and honestly It felt good to be using that word. I had suddenly made a conscious decision to do things that I love and make me feel good and to discard all the shit that didn’t make me feel good. I found that a lot of anxiety I suffered with came from constantly doing things that didn’t ‘feel like me’ or things that didn’t come from my heart. I was basically doing the same old shit and getting…yup you guessed it, the same old shitty results. It was time to switch It up and give myself the upper hand.


I still have shit days, days where I don’t feel powerful at all, days where I feel helpless to change how I feel but I try and remind myself to reclaim that power! Can I get an Amen! I take back that power from thoughts of self-doubt, worry and anxiety.

If you ever feel any less powerful than you deserve to feel take back that power. Reclaim it by any means necessary and as often as necessary. Take back that power from people who make you feel insecure or unlovable or less valued. Take back the power when it comes to the way you feel, your health, your mental well-being. Take back that power period.


Feel free to bask in your power. Learn to say NO to the things that don’t enhance your being. You are strong and you are powerful ~ Namaste


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