Music makes the world go round, and I reckon everyone needs a playlist for nearly everything! This is a list of a few of my Playlist faves!


This playlist is guaranteed to make you sick. If En vogue’s Don’t let go doesn’t have you clutching at your toothbrush singing at the top of your lungs with tears streaming down your face, then your heartbreak isn’t serious, go and listen to Taylor Swift. I don’t know if RaVaughn has any other songs but Best Friend got me through some dark days when I was friend zoned by the love of life. Marvin’s Room is of course the ultimate heart break song and R.I.P Geroge Michael because Careless Whisper is the reason I suffer heart palpitations. Labrinth’s Jealous rounds this heart wrenching list off perfectly, makes me want to change my name to Amina and move countries.

  • Don’t let go (Love)- En vogue
  • Best Friend- RaVaughn
  • Marvin’s Room- Drake
  • Careless Whisper- George Michael
  • Jealous- Labrinth

Cotch and Blaze

Grab a spliff or a herbal tea (same thing man) and get down to this ultimate relaxation playlist. Make you Feel is a tune, straight spliff banger, you’ll be cotching into eternity as soon as Alina Baraz opens her soul snatching mouth. Trust Miguel to put your limbs to bed with most if his music but How many drinks is also a banger, ignoring the very weird undertones of buying girls drinks so you can take them home, you’re guaranteed a good cotch. Sound & Colour is award winning relaxation material with Khalid’s Location right up there. End your comatose session with Drama’s Roy woods and you’ll probably forget you have a job and a dog to feed.

  • Make you Feel-Alina Baraz
  • How many drinks- Miguel
  • Sound & Colour- Alabama shakes
  • Location-Khalid
  • Drama- Roy Woods

Finger me Playlist

Aye, listen this is straight BOOM BOOM room material. Be careful getting down to Danel Caesar’s Get you with your dick appointment, next thing you’re pregnant or worse still in love and blaming me, you’ve been warned. Just enjoy this straight panty dropper of a playlist!

  • Get You- Daniel Caesar
  • Losing Myself-Sylo Nozra
  • Don’t -Bryson
  • Juke Jam- Chance The Rapper
  • With Me-DVSN

Work out Playlist

If Kanye West’s power doesn’t help you finish your 5k in under 30 minutes come and get a refund. Everyone needs a playlist that makes them feel like a bad ass! Remy Ma is the boss and conceited is an old school one that makes me think I can keep my Russian dead lift form even if I up my plates by 100kgs every damn set! Rag ‘n’ Bone Man is a new fave, turn up Human and take on that stepper, each step is like a step into revenge body heaven bitccchhhh.  Just add these to your work out playlist and tell me if you’re not tempted to beat up all the personal trainers at your gym- I certainly was after listening to IT G MA.

  • Power- Kanye West
  • Conceited- Remy Ma
  • Human- Rag ‘n’ Bone Man
  • Fade-Vocal- Jakwob
  • IT G MA REMIX- Keith Ape

I could go on for days about my different fave playlists but here are a few of my personal faves, get in the comments let me know what your all time faves are!



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