Rihanna is PHAT and I’m full of shit!

The last time I wrote about body positivity it was vapid, lacklustre and somewhat self-serving. Okay maybe it wasn’t that bad but in hindsight even mentioning the ‘obesity epidemic’ (yawn) was unnecessary in that specific context. Fat shaming is rife with fake concern for other’s people health- which newsflash, you simply can’t gauge by looking at someone’s body. And why is someone else’s health of such concern to you, and why don’t the smokers in your office building receive that same deep level of ‘care’ and ‘concern’ you so easily pass unto strangers?

It may come as a shock to many people, however, what other people decide to do or not do with their bodies is of no concern to you or I. And no, we’re not talking about someone wielding a knife and chasing you down some dark alley, that type of ‘doing’ with their body is a crime- RUN. I’m talking about the countless people who think they should have some sort of opinion on other people’s bodies because they carry more flesh on their bodies than they do.

Constantly telling fat people they need to lose weight, fat shaming, fake concern trolling etc. is unkind and if your goal is to help fat people get ‘healthier’ you’re doing quite the opposite. You’re fucking with their mental state, confidence, and self-esteem and there’s nothing healthy about that.

Everybody deserves to exist in a society where the body they reside in is not the target of constant hatred, disapproval, disgust or disappointment. You can’t shame someone into being what you consider better, it does not concern you, mind your business, be kind to everyone, unsolicited weight management advice can ruin someone’s day, week, month or life. All things to remind yourself of if you simply can’t resist the urge to leave paragraphs on people’s social media posts expressing your deep concerns about heart disease, weight causing cancers and the like. I can almost guarantee that said person is well aware of all these things you so desperately want to point out.

The one and only time I ever shoved fingers down my throat to regurgitate my lunch was when someone very close to me said I had to lose weight as a matter of an emergency. I had put back nearly all the 30lbs previously lost all over this supple body (that legit made me giggle). I was lacking confidence, feeling like shit and clearly that sort of input from said loved one was dangerous. Luckily I snapped out of it but so many people don’t and battle with disordered eating and the consequences are dire.

Diet culture and constant diet talk in the office, on social media and everywhere else is boring and most definitely not synonymous with health. I’ve come to learn that it is possible to live your best life possible at a variety of sizes. If someone cares about you, your mental well-being should be paramount and how dangerous is it to make someone feel less than because of the size of their fat cells?

Rihanna is P.H.A.T and so are you. Namaste~


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