My Calves are fire

Wouldn’t it be perfect if we could feel confident every day? If we didn’t need a constant top up of motivation and didn’t need our friends and family to remind us of our worth (that’s if they even do that in the first place).

Wouldn’t it be oh so fucking splendid if we felt fabulous all the damn time no matter what we wore or how we wore it. Wouldn’t it be so wonderful to not have to think about the rolls on our backs or cellulite and stretch marks and in grown hairs.

How amazing would it be to just put on any dress you fancied and feel great it in it, not a care in the world about how short, how tight or how flattering that shit was. How soothing would it be if you didn’t have to worry about whether or not people ‘got you’ or your personality? How much easier it would be if friendships and relationships didn’t constantly feel like a fucking audition?

Truth is we don’t live in a perfect world. The pressures of being a woman young trying to make it in this big bad world can be over whelming. Confidence is fleeting and even on a good day you may need to top up that confidence and that sass.

But how wonderful could it be if that world existed in your mind. A world created by you where you feel confident every day, one where a boost from family and friends was merely an echo of what you already know to be true.

I felt like trash this weekend for

many reasons and my self-esteem just wasn’t faring too well. Come this morning I feel like a new woman. I’m looking forward to my day, I feel beautiful, I feel confident and you should too. Nobody can be you, ever ever ever ever ever. Give yourself that reassurance from within, you are epic epic epic epic. Even on the days when you make trash decisions, even on the days when confidence is not only fleeting but long gone.

My calves are fire, my voice is fire, my laugh is fire, the way I make others feel is fire- don’t mind me, I’m just gassing myself up and I suggest you do the same. What is fire about you? Set your world ablaze ~ Namaste


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