in bed with korrine sky

First of All, Happy Valentine’s Day lovers! I know you’re probably thinking whoa there Hels Bels (don’t call me that), but I wanted to get cute for you guys, can I get a woop woop?

Woop woops out the way, what’s everyone doing on this highly commercialised and condom selling out day? I for one love Valentine’s Day either single or coupled up because why not? Yes folks, I know, I know…. We don’t have to show our love for each other only on one designated day but this barely there bra from Korrine sky is struggling to hold up these jugs but I feel very woman and Valentiney today so Happy Valentine’s Day.

Today I will be indulging in lots of nothingness, might write a blog post or two in-between work stuff, get lost in my thoughts about the future and then go to the gym so I can fuck up my knees some more in attempts to reclaim my 2014 body. Fuck you society. What I will be actively participating in today and thoroughly enjoying is radical self-love. I’m still loving this delicious quest to self-discovery and I hope if you feel particularly lonely on holidays such as this you too can bask in awesomeness.


So whether you’re scoffing chocolate and watching Bridget Jones (word to 2008) or enjoying a nice meal with your boo, I hope you have a fantastic day filled with so much love on this inside it bubbles over the top so we can all enjoy it!

Happy Valentine’s Day.



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