I make my own bed

From making my bed every single day without fail, to finding the courage to eat lunch at a restaurant on my own, I’m finding that sometimes adulting isn’t so bad. Whilst the admin of being an adult can suck balls and half the time I’m ready to re-enter my mother’s womb so I can be a baby girl forever, It’s not all bad! Here are four things I’m doing as an adult that I’m quite chuffed about!

Making my bed! LOL do not judge me. I didn’t get nagged as a child to ever make my bed but boarding school was a tough one and making your bed every morning was the RULE. In my adult years I found the happy medium of doing it when I felt like it. These days I make my bed every day without fail, but more importantly I declutter like a BOSS. I’ve taken life admin up a notch and keeping my space clear and tidy means I have more clarity and I enjoy coming home after a stressful day because I know I can enjoy my living space. Sometimes little things like tidying and throwing away stuff you don’t use can make a world of difference to mind, body and soul. Mate, if you haven’t worn it in 7 months toss it out! No more lying in a bed sandwiched between you Christmas dildo (long story) and your ASOS order, declutter and feel better!

Eating lunch on my own! I still refuse to go to the cinema by my lonesome but I’ve plucked up the courage to eat out on my own. I know I’m not the only one that finds the task of doing things ‘alone’ quite daunting! It’s not as bad as you imagine and in fact it’s quite freeing. What better way to enjoy your own company than to wine and dine yourself, you don’t have to bloody share your starters and patiently wait for Sally or Kunle to umm and ahhh over whether they want the fish of the day or the bloody steak! …and breathe. Spending ‘time with yourself’ is important and in the world we live in what better way to find peace and stillness than to do solo shit. My next big adult thing is to go on a trip…wait for it….alone!

Reading more! As a child you could not pry me away from whatever book I was reading at the time. I read like the size of my growing boobs depended on it! But the years rolled on and reading for pleasure just wasn’t my thing. I’ve picked up the books again and actually anything I can get my hands on, from articles about feminism to books on artificial intelligence I’m enjoying reading once more. I didn’t realise how many of us fall out of love with reading but what joy it is to get lost in someone else’s imagination am I right or am I right?

Saying NO! ‘You want to come to this baby shower?’ Nope, ‘Are you free to baby sit?’ Nah ‘Fancy a coffee on a Sunday morning when it’s absolutely bloody freezing so I can tell you about my latest idea involving vibrating panties that deactivate when your boss walks in?’ Fuck NO. I’m reading a book about how to not give a fuck and I’m feeling pretty empowered. I’m saying NO to sex I don’t enjoy, conversations I can’t be arsed with and things that don’t make me happy. You get older and think you have to be at every work do and every baby shower etc etc but actually you don’t. The beauty of adulting is that you don’t have to get dragged to some family function you reallllyyyyyy don’t want to, well kinda, lol. Say NO to the bs that doesn’t make you feel good.


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