how your casio calculator and shabba ranks could ruin your holiday

Nothing quite compares to the feeling an escape from your 9-5 via a holiday somewhere fun gives you. You don’t have to worry about London commuters shouting abuse at you whilst you wonder if that object poking your behind is an umbrella or something more sinister.

It’s safe to say a good bulk of my most treasured memories have been made on holiday with my closest friends. From ‘hot venom’ shots in Gambia to twerking on yachts in Dubai, these memories could have been pretty shit if I didn’t have the right travel buddies. I know many people who spend their hard earned cash to pay for holidays and end up having a nightmare of a trip because they went with the wrong travel buddy.

In my experience, going on holiday with your closest friends should be a breeze especially if you like the same things. You can appreciate the same clubs, music, drinks etc and it’s a pretty seamless affair. Now if your chosen travel buddy wants to gyrate their neck to house music whilst you’re keen to isolate each butt cheek to some good old Shabba Ranks, that’s simply not going to work. If you do travel in a big group however this could be a breeze if people are happy to split up and do things they truly enjoy. Don’t spend money on a trip doing things you don’t want to do, it’s your holiday and you should enjoy it so you don’t come back with a suitcase full of regret and resentment.

Money! I’m sure we all know that one person who takes out their Casio calculator after dinner in a restaurant to calculate their bill to the last 3 pence. Now whilst most of throw a little caution to the wind on holiday and spend a little more than we are inclined to in our everyday lives, beware of penny pinching travel buddies who not only want to protect their coins but have no shame in spending yours. Things like taxis, meals out and tipping the waiter who helps carry your drunk friend out the bar, all add up and it’s awesome to go away with people who are happy to share the financial responsibility of having a good time.

I carry gym gear with me on EVERY single holiday and I’ve maybe only ever exercised twice on holiday. I’m sure my friends would slap me round the head if I woke up on holiday and started doing a million jump squats whilst they’re sleeping. If I had my own room, maybe, but where it’s a shared situation then I have to be mindful of how I impact everyone else’s time. Picking your travel buddies wisely involves being aware of the temperaments of the people you spend your trip with and being mindful of their habits. My friend Majula loves a good lie in (insert eye roll because let’s go and explore!) whilst Chan and I don’t mind being up so we don’t miss hotel breakfast. Not so quiet morning movement means sometimes we get an earful from sleeping beauty but by noon all is well whilst we take bets on who falls over first at the end of the night.

We all lose our inhibitions on holiday and 20 shots later you’re sat at the bar nipple damn near poking the bartender in the eye (wait what). Being on holiday presents an escape from real life which can be both thrilling and dangerous. It’s important to go away with travel buddies who won’t abandon who on the beach passed out whilst they carry on partying. It’s essential to stay safe and be confident that if anything was to happen, your travel buddies have your back!

Seeing the world is exciting and seeing it with people who you truly enjoy makes it even more exciting. If you’re ever planning a trip with people you perhaps don’t know so well, maybe do a trial run. Go somewhere out of town but close enough so when shit hits the fan you can run back home and cross that holiday with those travel buddies off the list! Lol. Life is waaaayyyyy too short to spend time and money doing shit you don’t like with people who carry Casio calculators around.


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