Happy New Year lovers. If like me your new year started with 7 henny shots and bar hopping with an Ethiopian lass in a see-through dress, you’re probably unsure what direction the year is taking. Along with pleasant highs came heart breaking news and it’s only the 12th day of the new year.

I’m currently fighting the urge to not do everything all at once. I’ve always said I love the ‘newness’ that the new year comes with but I hate that I also have this sudden urge to be the most productive I’ve ever been. I tell everyone I’m not making any new year’s resolutions whilst I silently make a bucket list of everything I MUST accomplish. Yup, I’m a fraud!

Whilst I’m hoping to eventually wean myself off the drug that is ‘putting too much pressure on oneself’, I am keen to have a great year, another year of further self-discovery and growth. I’m writing more, I’m expressing myself more and even more importantly I’m convincing myself that all my dreams are attainable.

This year I’m saying fuck it to toxic relationships, friends and habits and embracing a new level of confidence.

You can hit the ground running in January and still come to screeching halt. You can have a slow start to the new year and find that you pick up momentum as the year goes on. The new year can bring with it all sorts of pressures and highs and lows, all of which can be tricky to navigate, but you’ve got this.

Happy New Year ~ Namaste


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