Going Bra-less, my radical week

As much as I claim to love spontaneity I am very much a creature of habit, but aren’t we all? If I didn’t have a 9-5 and gym membership which costs me an arm and a leg and had a sugar daddy to fund me I’d have a much different lifestyle. I decided last week to have a different week, by different just doing really random small things which I don’t usually do just to see if it would have impact on my mood or just my week in general. Don’t laugh at me, here goes:

Monday- I left the gym with no bra on. LOL hear me out. I worked out, took a shower but my shirt back on braless and put my coat on and headed out the door, and let me tell you how freeing that was! No whilst nobody else knew I was walking around braless I did! And if you’ve seen these knockers they need a harness! I couldn’t be arsed to put on a bra so I didn’t. I’m learning to not do things I can’t be arsed with. Can’t be arsed to say yes to ever babysitting gig? Guess what go bra-less- you know what I mean.

Tuesday- I deleted my WhatsApp for a whole 24 hours. I spend way too much time on there, rolling my eyes at the incessant messages my mother sends (usually chain messages warning you about not using left over onions) and just plain procrastinating. I was overwhelmed with the group chats and the ‘can you make it here and there’ and decided as part of my radical week to delete it. I’m a social media junkie and I would love to be one of those people who can go days without needing to know what the latest is on everything. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the monster which can be social media and I’m hoping this not so radical move of deleting my WhatsApp becomes a thing.

Wednesday- Roll out of bed in a panic, brush my teeth, make a half arsed attempt at looking decent, fish for left overs in the fridge and then run out the door. There’s absolutely nothing sexy about my weekday mornings. I used to love waking up an hour or so earlier then needed just so I could enjoy the morning before the rush hour commute turns me into a horrible beast. Last Wednesday I channelled old school Helen and woke up over an hour before my ‘fucccckkkkk wake up’ alarm and had some coffee, listened to music and just chilled. I can’t tell you how much that changed my day and I how I felt!

Thursday- Now I have a rule about going out on a ‘school night’ which I love breaking and thoroughly enjoyed breaking last week as I took myself and friend out on a bro- date, we had dinner and the watched SPLIT, which is still haunting me today! It’s good to break your own rules and not have anxiety about them. Do something enjoyable, spend a bit of cash, but those heels you’ve been eyeing up, just bloody do it!

Friday- I went to Amsterdam! I’d booked this weekender a while ago so I can’t take credit for being spontaneous here buuuuutttttt it happened on ‘radical’ week and it was nice to get away. I’m enjoying life without the constant worry about where ‘life is going’. I had a really great weekend and I’m happy to be back home in my little office!

Now whilst these small things were far from radical and quite normal everyday things, the bigger picture was that I gave myself the permission to ENJOY my week, to actively THINK about the things I was doing and why. I got bored of living in autopilot and going through the motions. If anything, this weekend taught me step more out of life’s anxieties and the need to control everything.

Have yourself a very radical week guys!



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