change the things that you see

One of my absolute YouTube Faves is Sarah Rae Vargas. I’ve watched almost all her videos twice over and then some more. She gives me so much confidence and such warm fuzzy vibes I wish she was my older sister (Sorry Mary, there’s plenty Helen to go around). Her content revolves around sex education, empowering everyone especially plus size women and general fashion content. Her “Dear Fat girl series” is the business and one of such videos in the series titled ‘I hate my body’ has really been a life changer for me.

Whilst this particular video was predominantly geared towards dodging the ‘New Year weight loss propaganda’ and loving one’s body regardless of what others think, I’m applying one specific quote Sarah made to everything in life because it makes so much sense.

“If you change the things that you see then you will change the things that you think, if you change the things that you hear then you will change the things that you say”.

If there was ever a resolve for me to make, this would be it. I am well aware that I open up my energy to so much information and so much other energy. I feel the highs so deeply because I allow the things around me to penetrate my bubble. Consequently, I feel those lows even deeper because again I consume that energy, I embrace it and I allow it to live in my space.

I’ve taken active steps to clean up my energy this year. The only goal is to make my space so warm, so full of love so welcoming, only positive energy can reside. In doing so I’m having to let go of resentful thoughts, feelings of not being good enough and general shame for sometimes just not being who I want to be.

In practical terms, what that quote means to me is muting/blocking content I simply can’t stand on social networking sites. Whilst things like the ever so violent misogyny and racist ‘banter’ isn’t something I can completely get away from, I can choose to strengthen the voices of the things that do make my space emotionally healthy, the things that make me feel good, the things that make me want to give good energy back. That means following pages that have uplifting content and leave me wanting to be better.

Other practical ways in which I am living this quote is by surrounding myself with people who make me feel good, continuing to go where I am wanted, where I am loved, where I am celebrated. I’m changing the things that I see because I want to think positive things, I want to think empowering things. I am changing the things that I hear because I want to change the things that I say for the better. In turn I’m continually building a healthy relationship with myself.

The torment we feel in mind, body and spirit don’t exist in a vacuum. You don’t wake up one day and feel shitty about yourself or your body. We digest a lot of information all day every day. It shapes the way we look at ourselves in the mirror, the way we compare ourselves to others and the energy we put out into the world.

Change the things that you see and hear- change your life.

Namaste ~


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