I had the pleasure of visiting Paris for the first time this weekend and it was quite the adventure. I traveled 2 hours via the very reliable Eurostar from King’s Cross St. Pancras in London to the Garde du Nord. The hotel was a last minute find but proved to be an absolutely fantastic choice (http://hotelhabituel.fr/)

From the old style Parisien buildings to the amazing vegan food I cannot wait to go back and see it all again, here are a few pictures!



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I spent three days in Dubrovnik just over a week ago and what can I say other than I have never seen such stunning views! For about 42 euros a night I enjoyed a 5 star experience at the Grand Admiral Hotel in a little village (population 300) in Dubrovnik. The experience was indeed 5 star. If you’re looking for a wild and crazy time then you’re probably best staying in the old town or much closer, but with shuttle going to and fro quite frequently, for under 10 euros a pop, you’re sorted either way. Just find your back quick or split the cab fare if there are lots of you! without further chit chat please pree the awesomeness!

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Going Solo

I didn’t find whatever epiphany that I was looking for on this solo trip. Maybe Barcelona isn’t quite the place for reflection and introspection. What I did find was that I enjoyed my own company more than I had anticipated. I felt confident navigating my way through new metro systems, figuring things out on my own and meeting new people. I’ve often said that I am my most confident surrounded by others, I wanted to be confident on my own two feet!

Now- back to Barcelona! What an amazing and vibrant city. I found that there was always something to see and the people were genuinely friendly. From the airport to the train station to the tourist sights, I felt safe and that if I was ever in a pickle there would be someone to help. I was however on guard at times and kept my valuables close and my wits about me.

Expo Hotel Barcelona

I stayed at the Expo Hotel Barcelona, a stone throw away from Sants Train station. I was initially disappointed to not have found a hotel smack on La Rambla but this hotel was quite the gem and only a 40-minute walk to many sights or a 10-minute metro ride. The bustling fair and free concerts at night right outside my hotel were also a plus plus plus! After a busy day walking and taking pictures I would retreat to my hotel and the party was still raging.

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NYC’ing it!

I spent the past weekend in New York City and it was truly everything I thought it would be- London on steroids! From tall buildings, friendly people to an amazing range of vegan food I can’t wait to go back!



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Up to no good in the Dam

The last time I went to Amsterdam was over three years ago as part of a bit of a Euro Tour, this weekend’s getaway was a perfect opportunity for me to drink in a little bit more of Amsterdam.

My friend Juls and I packed our bags and set off for a fun, interesting and different experience that is Amsterdam.

We stayed at a little Hotel called ‘Hotel Residence le Coin’ which was only about a ten minute walk from the famous Red Light District and had a good few coffee shops dotted around it and thus perfect for tourists.

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