This weekend the Afrobeats Karaoketeam celebrated their two-year anniversary with a roof top all dayer party. If there’s good vibes, good people, and good music then you know I’m there- and this was certainly a good vibe, good times type of affair. If you interested in belting out your favourite Wiz Kid and Sarkodie tunes every other Thursday, then you can catch the Afrobeats Karaoke crew at ‘The Lighthouse’ EC2A 3AY!

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i still haven’t kissed Idris ELba

I’m writing this on the muggiest, sweatiest and officially the hottest day of the year. Sandwiched between two equally sweaty fellas I’m almost certain Hell must be cooler- surely.

I entered the new year with that new year new me feeling which is very rare for me but I’ve been determined to see out my 20’s with as much courage, love and good vibes as I can muster. Coming up to the halfway point of 2017 however, self- doubt has started to seep into my soul- but as with everything, this too shall pass- I’m confident of it.

I’ve ruminated on questions like;

Why isn’t my bum at its desired shape yet?

Why haven’t I completely conquered anxiety?

Will my business ventures EVER take flight?

Why haven’t I kissed Idris Elba?

Will I ever be content if I don’t reach my goals?

It is frustrating to say the least to know that life is a journey you can’t always speed walk but still have the urge to fast track everything.

I may never kiss Idris (his loss really) but I can confidently say I’m impressed with my resolve to keep plodding along even when life feels a tad hopeless.

I’ve found a million ways that don’t work, won’t work, can’t work but I’m not deterred.

My ass cheeks may not be of Khlo Money proportion but I’m at peace with that. The notion of what could be, what lies ahead is still very intoxicating and I’m content with getting drunk of dreams and aspirations of what lies ahead.

I won’t lie to you, some days are a complete clusterfuck. Some days are a mess. Some days are laden with such bad vibes nothing seems worth it. One day at a time. You are enough~ Namaste

The Glow Ups and Glow Downs

I had a lovely weekend doing all the things I love, including hunting down new grub spots and of course reflecting. This weekend I reflected on the glow ups and the glow downs.

Your ‘glow up’ could be physical, it could be spiritual it could manifest itself in the way that you deal with pain or the way that you communicate. Through the peaks and troughs, I’ve come to appreciate my various glow ups.

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Rihanna is PHAT and I’m full of shit!

The last time I wrote about body positivity it was vapid, lacklustre and somewhat self-serving. Okay maybe it wasn’t that bad but in hindsight even mentioning the ‘obesity epidemic’ (yawn) was unnecessary in that specific context. Fat shaming is rife with fake concern for other’s people health- which newsflash, you simply can’t gauge by looking at someone’s body. And why is someone else’s health of such concern to you, and why don’t the smokers in your office building receive that same deep level of ‘care’ and ‘concern’ you so easily pass unto strangers?

It may come as a shock to many people, however what other people decide to do or not do with their bodies is of no concern to you or I. And no, we’re not talking about someone wielding a knife and chasing you down some dark alley, that type of ‘doing’ with their body is a crime- RUN. I’m talking about the countless people who think they should have some sort of opinion on other people’s bodies because they carry more flesh on their bodies than they do.

Constantly telling fat people they need to lose weight, fat shaming, fake concern trolling etc. is unkind and if your goal is to help fat people get ‘healthier’ you’re doing quite the opposite. You’re fucking with their mental state, confidence, and self-esteem and there’s nothing healthy about that.

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