Dubai is located in the Middle East on the lovely Arabian Gulf and is the most populated metropolis of the Emirates (UAE), but that’s not why you’re here now is it? You want all the goss and hot spots so here it is! Top 7 things to check out if you’re planning a trip to Dubai.

Visit the Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is a super tall skyscraper and is currently the tallest building in the world. Boasting a total of 163 floors in total, the views from the top are simply amazing. I’ll admit if I wasn’t keen on taking some lovely pictures of the view I might have found the excursion a tad boring. The highlight I thought would be going up the elevator but that didn’t quite hit the spot. All in all, I would recommend seeing the Burj so that you can tick it off your list!




Get on a Yacht

Dubai is the Mecca of all things luxurious and that doesn’t matter if it’s on land or on water. On day three of our holiday we decided to hire out a private yacht and take a little tour. If you’re in a big group like we were the cost split isn’t too bad. You get the boat to yourself and if the staff on board are as nice as the ones we had you’re in for a really good time. Don’t forget to take your own drink, food and music if it’s a boat hire only deal.




Go Clubbing!

One of the things that made me apprehensive about going to Dubai was the dress code. As a conservative Arab country you’re often warned to ‘make sure you dress properly’ when you go there. I wasn’t too sure what I would wear to the club but it was more relaxed than I had imagined. As long as your ass cheeks aren’t hanging out, you should be good to go! I found the night life a little ‘so-so’. Clubs close at 3am and for me that was a little bit of a buzz kill however the music was great. Places like Kizah offered an interesting mix of African food (yes at the club) as well as a great crowd. Be prepared to pay a bit more for higher end clubs like the Armani club and the like and book beforehand to avoid getting turned away at the door.



Go to the market

From Kaftans, to gold, to the famous Oud (the smell of musky luxury), the markets of Dubai are a great place to soak up some culture and of course buy some souvenirs to take back with you at a fraction of the price in the shops (if you haggle well). Be prepared to get coaxed by every seller you meet into ‘just looking’ at their wares. Explore and enjoy and of course get your haggle on.





Go on a safari

You can find great safari deals on groupon, possibly through your hotel/travel agent or even after you have arrived. You can expect things like belly dancing, camel riding and dirt biking on your safari. It’s also a fun way to meet other tourists on holiday and sample some ‘almost authentic’ Dubai food. I particularly enjoyed riding through the desert on a dirt bike, not so much the falling off part- be careful.



Visit the beach

And if you’re an idiot like me try some extreme water sports and scare the living daylights out of yourself!




See the water fountain show

On our last night we got glammed up for a really nice dinner at the Bice restaurant and sat at the terrace where we had front row seats to the light and water fountain show (not quite sure that’s what they call it) and it was amazeballs, be prepared to pay a little extra to sit at the terrace!




All in all, I really enjoyed Dubai, it was nice AND interesting going in a big group of nine! – Something I’ve never done before. A bit on the pricey side this was definitely one of my more expensive holidays but well worth the price and having saved all year I didn’t quite feel the pinch too much!


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